In the past, losing all your teeth meant having none at all - and, more recently, having an insertable denture that feels awkward and is a cheap facsimile of the real thing. Today, things are different - and whether you need to replace your teeth fully or in part, you can count on any of a number of next-gen solutions that deliver an aesthetic, permanent and reliable solution that looks (and feels) just like real teeth!

This is great news - especially for the 26% of adults aged 65+ who have lost all their upper or lower teeth. Whether you already have a set of dentures that needs stabilization or an upgrade, or are looking into dentures for the first time, we’d be happy to consult you - and offer a full range of services that gives you a set of beautiful teeth and the ability to live life fully.

Fixed Dentures

If you’ve lost all your teeth, one option is to get each of them replaced individually. This is extremely expensive - and can also take months or years due to the complicated process of restoration… Not to mention the exorbitant costs of getting implants installed piecemeal.

An alternative to this is fixed dentures: a permanent, implanted bridge that functions like your natural roots would, and only requires as little as four dental implants to carry your full set of teeth. This is a pain-reduced, time-reduced and cost-reduced alternative that takes all the difficulty out of getting dentures.

Partial Dentures

If you only need certain teeth replaced, you don’t need a fixed denture - and will probably benefit from a partial one instead. These are fixed to your gums and remaining teeth, which makes them look natural and feel unobtrusive.

Denture Stabilization

Dentures tend to be made of semi-pliable materials that approximate the feel of the inside of your mouth. As a result, they may shrink and lose stability over time, causing discomfort and, potentially, jaw atrophy.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to stabilize your dentures on time. You can do this at our clinic, whether you’ve got partial dentures, full ones or a unique solution that requires an experienced professional’s maintenance work.

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"Always an excellent experience. I use to hate going to the dentist but now I actually look forward to going. He is the best and thank God he practices in the Bronx. My family and I love going to him.Dr. Bhadresh Makani was very considerate when I went in for some fillings. He made sure I knew exactly what he was talking about, even showed me pictures of my cavities and explaining the filling. I shared that I was reluctant towards being numbed, and he was so kind. He worked with me in letting me tell him if I felt sensitivity, and only then would he numb me. When he did, I didn't even feel the needle which was much appreciated! He was gentle and efficient. It was also probably one of the quickest fillings I've had done, but I knew it was very well done. I am happy to have gone to Dr. Bhadresh Makani's office for my dental needs."

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"So professional and caring!!! Dentist is so considerate and wants to make sure you're comfortable and understand the whole process. Staff is great too!"

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"It was such a pleasure visiting Eagle Family Smiles. Elise did a superb job with my dental cleaning, taking her time and being very gentle and thorough. It was great seeing the friendly and familiar faces of the staff as well as meeting Dr. Makani and the Office Manager Swatti. Dr. Makani was very professional but friendly and conservative in his treatment recommendations. I would highly recommend this office."

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