Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

When experiencing toothache, simple cavity filling might not be enough to treat the problem. Sometimes teeth are not cared for properly, treatments are not conducted in a timely manner, or the condition develops quickly. The result is an infected tooth that requires root canal treatment to save. A proper check-up routine (every six months) will help your dentist identify the problem and an early stage and make it simpler to treat.

The main symptom of root canal infection is an acute toothache and intense pain. Since nerves are located in this part of the tooth, they are directly affected and become inflamed causing great discomfort. Failure to treat an infected tooth will result in the worsening of pain symptoms, potential damage to other teeth and the spread of infection to the gums, jawbone, and other surrounding tissues.

Root Canal Treatment

However, root canal treatment is a common procedure that we perform here at Eagle Family Smiles. It has a great success rate of over 97% and our dentists operate using the latest equipment and materials to ensure that treated tooth heals.

The main reason for root canal treatment is to save the tooth while stopping the infection from spreading and causing you further discomfort. The alternative is tooth extraction, and in some cases that is still necessary, but we strive to save your teeth and ensure that you can use your tooth for a long time after the procedure without any complications. A successfully treated tooth can easily have a life of over eight years and not cause any further trouble, while an extracted tooth will have to be replaced with an implant and require more dental work. Root canal treatment is often recommended as the best option

Depending on the case, we employ different types of anesthesia to prevent pain during the root canal treatment. You can always consult your dentist for more information about the details of this procedure, and we will explain and offer you all available alternatives.

If you are experiencing toothache or were recommended root canal treatment by other professional, give us a call at (610) 458-5165 to set up an appointment.

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"Always an excellent experience. I use to hate going to the dentist but now I actually look forward to going. He is the best and thank God he practices in the Bronx. My family and I love going to him.Dr. Bhadresh Makani was very considerate when I went in for some fillings. He made sure I knew exactly what he was talking about, even showed me pictures of my cavities and explaining the filling. I shared that I was reluctant towards being numbed, and he was so kind. He worked with me in letting me tell him if I felt sensitivity, and only then would he numb me. When he did, I didn't even feel the needle which was much appreciated! He was gentle and efficient. It was also probably one of the quickest fillings I've had done, but I knew it was very well done. I am happy to have gone to Dr. Bhadresh Makani's office for my dental needs."

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"It was such a pleasure visiting Eagle Family Smiles. Elise did a superb job with my dental cleaning, taking her time and being very gentle and thorough. It was great seeing the friendly and familiar faces of the staff as well as meeting Dr. Makani and the Office Manager Swatti. Dr. Makani was very professional but friendly and conservative in his treatment recommendations. I would highly recommend this office."

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