Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening with ZOOM Technology

Did you know that whitening is the cosmetic dental procedure that gets the most requests from patients? This is because teeth naturally become discolored as time goes on. Even those of us blessed with wonderful dental health from birth need a little extra help if we’re to keep a healthy, attractive tooth color that allows us to feel confident in our looks.

Here are some of the main reasons teeth lose or change their color:

Natural discoloration. Like every other part of our body, teeth change with age - and that often means they acquire a new, darker color.

Foods, drinks, and tobacco. You may know that “bad” habits like tobacco and coffee can darken your teeth - but healthy beverages and foods can do the same.

Trauma and long-term use of certain medications can also affect the pigmentation of your teeth - sometimes dramatically.

The point is that wanting to have whiter teeth isn’t just common; it’s perfectly natural. Fortunately, having your teeth whitened with ZOOM technology - the most popular whitening technique available today - is easy and inexpensive to do!

ZOOM Whitening

ZOOM represents a new generation of teeth whitening techniques that doesn’t damage your enamel or give your teeth an unnatural, glow-in-the-dark level of brightness. ZOOM is recommended by dentists and oral care experts alike - and made by Philips, a company with a long history of dental excellence. A typical ZOOM procedure takes 30 minutes - and a 60-minute session can make your teeth up to 6 shades whiter, helping even the most difficult cases return to a lighter, happier smile.

Is Whitening Safe?

Absolutely. Eagle Family Smiles uses ZOOM technology for its safety and conservatism. You may develop temporary sensitivity to hot and cold foods for a day or two after your session - but that is all. You are at absolutely no risk with a new-gen procedure like Philips’ ZOOM Whitening!

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